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The Ancient Prophecies

Cuz It's How I Do

Detroit's Haitian Sensation
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Haitian-American. Born in D.C., moved to just outside Baltimore shortly after. Lived there 9 years, bounced to Haiti, lived there for 3 years, bounced to Detroit, lived there a year, bounced to Florida...still here. South Broward, class of 2003. School...BCC. Work...all the time. Hobby...pick-up football, sports video games, pick-up basketball, watching the Canes, Dolphins, Ravens, Lions,and them D-TOWN PISTONS! I like re-mixing popular hip-hop songs. Some just for sillyness, some kinda serious. Depends on what I'm doin'. And my location? You see it above. Mostly for kicks, but it's the places I represent the most.